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Fine dark lip shade with harmonious color saturation. For rosy color results on lips and areola.

703 Arizona Red is popular for light skin types, where it creates a rosy, fresh effect on the lip. It is excellent when used pure or as a mixing color for areola pigments. Try different mixing ratios of 703 Arizona Red with 706 Soft Sienna for a wide range of pink and caramel undertones that blend easily into the skin and last fantastically.

Color characteristics

  •  color composition
  •  inorganic
  •  warm
  •  medium coverage
  •  contains iron oxide

Application areas

  •  Lip
  •  areola

Fitzpatrick skin type

I very bright, pale white

II light, blond

III light brown, light to olive


Aqua, Propylene Glycol, C.I. 77891, C.I. 77491, Silica, Castor Oil Hydrogenated Ethoxylated, Sodium Polyphosphate

Mixing Tips

703 Arizona Red (2)
406 Ruby Red (2)
101 White (1)
For a peach-rose shade with a natural nude look of the lips.

Application area: Lip

703 Arizona Red (2)
709 Dark Beige (1)
A color blend that is excellent in slight gradations for many areas of areola pigmentation. Use 709 Dark Beige carefully due to its coolness.

Application area: Areola

Information: The numbers in parentheses indicate the mixing ratio.

REACH compliant

Our pigments are ECHA and REACH compliant and meet the requirements of ResAP (2008)1.


Our pigments are vegan and are produced in a controlled manner from non-animal ingredients.

No animal testing

We use only high purity ingredients, guaranteed without animal testing.


All our pigments are intermixable, allowing you to customize your color pallet.


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