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Fresh, dominant red tone. Also suitable for balancing cool lip colors.

404 Poppy Red is an intense lip shade that is very popular with women who like to wear red lipstick frequently, especially with skin types Fitzpatrick III to VI. Due to its orange components, it warms up other pigments as a blending color. However, this makes it too gaudy for areola pigmentation and it is mainly recommended as a lip color.

Color characteristics

  •  color composition
  •  blend (Mix)
  •  warm
  •  strong coverage

Application areas

  •  Lip

Fitzpatrick skin type

III light brown, light to olive

VI black, very dark brown


Aqua, Propylene Glycol, C.I. 56110, C.I. 77891, PVP, C.I. 561170, Silica, Simethicone

Mixing Tips

404 Poppy Red (1)
701 Wild Rose (2)
A fresh shade that makes cool lips look more vibrant.

Application area: Lip

404 Poppy Red (1)
401 Soft Coral (1)
This blend gives lips a powdery, rosy tone due to the increased amount of white.

Application area: Lip

Information: The numbers in parentheses indicate the mixing ratio.

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