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Medium pink shade for expressive lips. Suitable for all natural lip types.

403 Passion Berry is a lip pigment with a powdery matte pink undertone. It looks fabulous on Fitzpatrick skin types III-V and can be customized with the careful addition of 101 White to subtly enhance a naturally classic skin tone. More layers of color will produce a richer color result.

Color characteristics

  •  color composition
  •  blend (Mix)
  •  cold
  •  strong coverage

Application areas

  •  Lip
  •  Areola

Fitzpatrick skin type

I very bright, pale white

II light, blond

III light brown, light to olive

IV olive, medium brown

V brown, dark brown

VI black, very dark brown


Aqua, Propylene Glycol, C.I. 77891, C.I. 73907, C.I. 56110, C.I. 56300, Silica, PEG-400, Simethicone

Mixing Tips

403 Passion Berry (1)
408 Maroon Red (1)
This brownish old rose tone subtly emphasizes pale lips and is also used in areola pigmentation for 3D styling.

Application areas: Lip, Areola

403 Passion Berry (1)
401 Soft Coral (1)
For an intense pink nude effect. A favorite blend of our PMU stylists!

Application area: Lip

Information: The numbers in parentheses indicate the mixing ratio.

REACH compliant

Our pigments are ECHA and REACH compliant and meet the requirements of ResAP (2008)1.


Our pigments are vegan and are produced in a controlled manner from non-animal ingredients.

No animal testing

We use only high purity ingredients, guaranteed without animal testing.


All our pigments are intermixable, allowing you to customize your color pallet.


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