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Velvety black pigment, exclusively for eyeliner shading.

Professional PMU artists love the velvety soft eyeliner created with 303 Stardust. The application technique for this pigment should be very gentle and precise, especially for sensitive skin types. With the right shading technique, this pigment color produces the fine Stardust effect that gives the pigment its name. Due to its rather liquid nature, 303 Stardust is not suitable for use on thin, transparent skin.

Eyeliner pigments are too intense to be used as blended colors for other treatments. Instead, rely on 207 Ebony Brown or 206 Cocoa Brown as an ash shade for blending.

Color characteristics

  •  color composition
  •  inorganic
  •  cold
  •  medium coverage

Application areas

  •  Eyeliner

Fitzpatrick skin type

I very bright, pale white

II light, blond

III light brown, light to olive

IV olive, medium brown

V brown, dark brown

VI black, very dark brown


Aqua, Propylene Glycol, C.I. 77266, PVP, 1,2-Hexanediol, Poloxamer 407, Simethicone

REACH compliant

Our pigments are ECHA and REACH compliant and meet the requirements of ResAP (2008)1.


Our pigments are vegan and are produced in a controlled manner from non-animal ingredients.

No animal testing

We use only high purity ingredients, guaranteed without animal testing.


All our pigments are intermixable, allowing you to customize your color pallet.


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