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For powdery and matte color blends. Do not use pure for PMU applications.

Due to its ability to make pigments appear more powdery and matte,  101 White is ideal as a lightener for all color mixtures. It can be used to achieve powdery pinks in lip treatments and, in larger amounts, cooler-looking shades.

Achieving ashy-matte eyebrow effects on gray-haired clients requires a lot of caution and experience. Note that excessive amounts of 101 White can produce an undesirably strong gray effect. Never use 101 White pure. 

Prepare 101 White by mixing it extensively with the color shaker.Then blend it with your desired pigment color using the color mixer and a new color mixing stick.

Color characteristics

  •  color composition
  •  inorganic
  •  cold
  •  strong coverage

Application areas

  •  mix only

Fitzpatrick skin type

I very bright, pale white

II light, blond

III light brown, light to olive

IV olive, medium brown

V brown, dark brown

VI black, very dark brown


C.I. 77891, Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Silica, PVP, Simethicone

Mixing Tips

101 White (1)
702 Passion Rose (2)
For a beautiful matte rose lip tone.

Application area: Lip

101 White (1)
703 Arizona Red (2)
706 Soft Sienna (2)
Carefully add 101 White in microbrush tips until the desired brightness of areola pigment is achieved.

Application area: Areola

Information: The numbers in parentheses indicate the mixing ratio.

Free of heavy metals

Our pigments contain no banned heavy metals.


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No animal testing

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Our pigments are ECHA and REACH compliant and meet the requirements of ResAP (2008)1.


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