For an easy and smooth entry into your PMU business, Swiss Color® offers various PMU starter kits, which contain one of our special, ultra-modern and precise Swiss Color® pigmenting devices, depending on the customer's requirements. The scope of delivery also includes a basic set of PMU accessories, aids and products. The special advantage of a starter kit is that you get everything delivered at once and can start carefree into a successful future as a PMU Stylist.


 Basic equipment for our starter kits

Below you will find all the individual products that you will receive together with your new Swiss Liner Pigmenting Device. Start your successful future as a PMU stylist without worries and enjoy an extensive selection of top quality products. The perfectly coordinated accessories make your work easier and guarantee treatments at the highest level. In addition to hygiene products such as face masks, gloves and SC Dress, the scope of delivery includes a selection of pigments and hygiene modules as well as various accessories and advertising material. Your all-in-one starter solution! 


  • 12 Swiss Color® pigments à 6 ml of your choice incl. item no. 1220 Plexis stand S 
  • 3 Swiss Color® additives à 12 ml, Gigaplast, transponder, thinner
  • 40 hygiene modules (1er liner, 1er micro, 3er liner, 3er outline, 5er shader)
  • Item no. 1210 Disposal box
  • Item no. 1202 Ink pot holder
  • Art. no. 1204 ink pots 100 pcs. à 1,50 ml, Art. no. 1205 ink pots 100 pcs. à 0,25ml
  • Art. no. 1190 perfect Lip 5 pcs., Art. no. 1209-5 Cooling pads 5 pairs
  • Art. no. 1224 Microbrush Plus Superfine 100 pcs. incl. stand 
  • Art. no. 1216_E Care cream Grazia 10 pcs. á 5 ml 
  • Art. No. 1312 Combi set SC Naturebalm and SC Lipbalm, SC naturebalm 6 pcs., SC lipbalm warm 3 pcs., SC lipbalm cold 3 pcs.
  • Art. no. 2001 SC sign set 8+2, Art. no. 1317 SC eyeliner black - Art. no. 1303 tweezers (stainless steel)
  • Item no. 1194 perfect Brow Master
  • Item no. 1301_E Swiss Color® Mask
  • Art. no. 1238 3D training mat lips, Art. no. 1239 3D training mat eyebrows/lid - Art. no. 1306 nitrile gloves 50 pairs (selectable between size S and M) - Art. no. 1300 surgical mask 50 pcs. 
  • Item no. 1310 Dekolletè capes 80 pcs.
  • Item no. 1223 Wadding pads (lint-free) 6 rolls of 100 pieces each
  • Item no. 1226A PMU Poster
  • Art. no. 1212 PMU Brochures 100 pcs., Art. no. 1244 PMU Brochure before/after 20 pcs.
  • Art. no. 1230 USB stick with file "For your information" and "Care instructions".
  • Art. no. 1999 or Art. no. 2000 SC Dress white or black (selectable between size XS, S, M, L or XL)