SC colorX and SC colorLight

What if a Permanent make up or Microblading treatment leads to an unpleasant result? If the shape is unbenefitting or the color has been chosen wrongly? With our new products SC colorX and SC colorLight based on lactic acid, pigmented eyebrows, which can’t be corrected anymore, can be removed or brightened permanently without a laser. These new removal methods can be learned in our special trainings. You are welcome to order our high-quality products only with a proven certificate of our training course.


Advantages of SC colorX and SC colorLight

The treatment with SC colorX or SC colorLight needs the Swiss Liner devices. Remove a small part of the upper skin (epidermis) by the help of hygiene cartridges. Then apply the appropriate solution, the SC colorX or SC colorLight, to the prepared area of the skin. Use a Microbrush© to gently rub the liquid into the skin to start the acid reaction. It pulls out the old pigments.

The composition of the liquid causes that the so-called macrophages, which previously enveloped the pigments, dissolve and release the pigments, due to the large difference in pH-value.

When using the SC colorX up to 100% of the pigments can be dissolved. By contrast, SC colorLight has a lightening effect due to the lower-dosed, patented lactic acid, which can be used for a correction work of very dark eyebrows. The dissolved pigments are then transported to the skin surface and bound in the micro- scab. After the healing phase, the new and regenerated skin can be seen.



Treatment before/after:


Please note that our products SC colorX and SC colorLight can be sold only in conjunction with a proven education.

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