SC Microblading Startset

Now the Swiss Color® Microblading Startset is available, which guarantees you a perfect start into your own professional microblading business. The Microblading Startset includes a high-quality selection of our Swiss Color® MB products, which you can buy easiely and conveniently for your perfect microblading treatment.


The Microblading Startset includes 8 especially creamy, color stable microblading pigments, 1 tab Gigaplast, 2 microblading pens and 2 packages of microblades at 25 pieces. Our particular attention was paid on an iron oxide and heavy metal free composition of our microblading pigments. Therefore they are very suitable also for sensitive skin types. For even better and more detailed preparation the Microblading Startset also contains one Perfect contour pencil, one eyebrow trimmer and twenty of Perfect Brow Ruler.


This professional selection of microblading products provide a very good basis for your own microblading treatments. Swiss Color® also offers you a wide range of permanent make up or microblading basic and further education. All information:

Benefits at a glance:

  • High-quality product selection in the appealing Swiss Color® MB Box
  • Perfect basic setting for professional treatments
  •  All Swiss Color® MB pigments without iron oxides or heavy metal
  • Swiss Color® MB pigments are very creamy and especially color stable
  • Swiss Color® microblading light pen and pro pen included