Masterclass Lips


For all PMU stylists who have successfully completed the PMU basic training and want to acquire various trend techniques in the field of lip pigmentation.



Sensual radiant lips with full volume are the dream of every woman. Learn the optimal methods for shading lip shapes in our workshops/masterclasses.  How can lips come into their own?  How do you achieve a beautiful 3D effect?  Which pigments fit which skin type? 


All these questions and even more will be passed on to you in this workshop by internationally experienced Swiss Color® trainers. The most diverse works will be discussed on the basis of analyses in order to expand your own repertoire of working methods. 



  • Color and shape correction
  • Mixed media, tips and tricks
  • Colour and hygiene module selection
  • Pigmentation and shading technology
  • clamping technology 


  • 3D-Technik 
  • Aqua Natural Lips
  • Powder Lips
  • Nano Lips
  • Paradise Shine Lips
  • Lollipop Lip