Swiss Liner Symphony II

Swiss Liner Symphony II

Reliable & safe working

The Swiss Liner Symphony II is a high quality device that works reliably and safely. It is certified, tested and meets all hygienic requirements. It includes a hand piece, control unit, adapter and a foot pedal.

When pigmenting the needle, the Swiss Color ® pigments are implanted into the top layer of skin through the incisions. Due to the adjustable needle punctures per sec of the Swiss Liner Symphony II, it is possible to treat problem skin easily too. The unit Swiss Liner Symphony II is ideal for cosmetic and medical pigmentation.


The pigment colors can be either drop into the module or when the engine is running, the color can also be absorbed.


Benefits at a glance:

    • Speed adjustable
    • Very light hand piece
    • Hygiene modules are disposable materials and each time to be replaced
    • Needle length individually adjustable
    • Working with or without foot pedal possible