Swiss Color® IL pigments


Swiss Color® is proud to present the new Swiss Color® IL Pigments, a totally new pigment series.

I = Intensiv

L = Lips


These pigment line has been developed in our laboratory and has been tested for the last 2,5 years in Switzerland. The IL Pigments have been especially created for the new wave of different shading techniques. This includes for example pigmentation methods like ombre, pixel, magic shading, powder and pearl lips.


We also recommend this pigments for sensational contouring pigmentations. Our goal is to find a perfect combination of pigment and skin typ to respect the special needs of the lip area, which is a skin typ with fewer dermal layers.


Our Swiss Color IL Pigment series consists of 10 different red shades. They vary from light red for sensual red lips and dark maron pigment with an intensiv wine-red shade to trendy peach color with pinkie-powdery under tones.


These pigments are 100% free of iron oxides and heavy metals. The fluid texture will support your workstyle perfectly, so that 50 – 70% of the pigments will stay in the skin of your clients for sensational results!




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