Swiss Color® DP Pigments

In June 2019 Swiss Color® presents for the first time its new areola and camouflage pigment series. This makes them the first to offer such a wide range of different skin tones for paramedical pigmentation. The natural brown, rosé and red shades enable a perfect adjustment of unsightly skin changes, such as scars or pigment disorders.To create individual shades and perfect results, mix the different pigments together.With the new pigment refinement process, the DP Pigments offer a velvety flowing texture and high coverage.Paramedical pigmentation can be used to visually improve consequences of accidents, operations or impairing medical treatments in a minimally invasive way. As a further treatment, Derma pigmentation represents an additional value for the client‘s physical and psychological recovery.



• 12 pigment shades

• For camouflage, vitiligo, scars and areola pigmentation

• Available in 12 ml

• 100 % without iron oxides and heavy metal

• No allergenic preservatives

• Ideal flow structure, thanks to the PFO-process

• Velvety soft, flowing consistency

• Very good and long lasting coverage




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